Integrated Modelling


The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR)...Innovating Integrated Assessment Systems

The Tyndall Centre is committed to delivering high impact research, based on quality cutting-edge science, supported by a sustainable inter-disciplinary research culture. The 2nd Phase of the Tyndall Research Strategy (2006-09) was launched on the 4th May 2006, and comprises 7 research programmes designed to carry forward the work from phase 1. 4CMR was the lead partner in research programme 7 - Integrated Assessment Modelling. Dr Terry Barker lead the research programme, which developed and used the Community Integrated Assessment System (CIAS). The system links a climate and closed carbon-cycle model, a global energy-environment-economy model, an impacts tool and a down-scaling module. It is applied to analyse specific scientific and policy issues, including costs of stabilisation of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, and post-2012 international climate policy options, including analysis of instruments designed to induce and diffuse technological change, allowing for the non-linear dynamic responses of the coupled climate socio-economic system.