Energy and Climate Change

The Tyndall centre is the UK network of excellence for generating sustainable responses to climate change, based on world-class interdisciplinary analysis and innovative forms of stakeholder dialogue In support of this vision, the Centre's three core objectives are:

to seek, evaluate and facilitate sustainable responses to climate change that will minimize its adverse effects and stimulate policy for the transition to a more benign energy and mobility regime;

to develop, demonstrate and apply new methodologies for integrating climate change related knowledge; to promote informed and effective dialogue across society about the options to manage our future climate.

The Tyndall Centre is unique in the UK in undertaking interdisciplinary research in support of sustainable responses to climate change, not only by covering the whole spectrum of geographical, time and human scales, but also by linking research efforts across disciplines in an integrated way.

The Tyndall Manchester team based at the University of Manchester, are leading the Tyndall Centre's research into 'Constructing Energy Futures: What are the pathways to global decarbonisation?' Our research incorporates cultural, political and institutional factors along with technical, economic and scientific analyses, with an emphasis in international decarbonisation over the next 50 years.

We are both developing comprehensive and systems level approaches to decarbonisation both within the UK and within an international framework, working from the level of national energy systems, to carbon intensive sectors, and to the household level and personal behaviour. We listen carefully to business, government and international trade organisations. The current main research areas are: