Global Environment Change Research in Fudan University

Global Environment Change Research in Fudan University [Link]

The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering works on aerosol chemistry and its environmental impacts, environmental administration and governance, water pollution prevention and control. [Link]

The School of Public Health works on environmental health and the co-benefits of atmospheric pollution control and climate change. [Link]

The School of Life Science works on global change ecology [Link]

The Institute of New Energy works on efficient energy storage materials, new technologies for energy production, and energy saving technology. [Link]

The School of Economics works on low-carbon economy and energy. [Link]

The School of International Relations and Public Affairs works on Environment and International Relations. [Link]

The School of Social Development and Public Policy works on demography, resources and environmental economics. [Link]

The School of Journalism works on communication studies of climate change responses. [Link]

The School of Law works on research on the legislation in response to climate change. [Link]