New Tyndall Centre Research Strategy

The Tyndall Centre’s first decade focused on interdisciplinary climate change research. Our second decade will in addition focus on the interactions and feedbacks between climate, people and ecosystems.
These complex nteractions are particularly important because of their direct impact on human wellbeing. They may trigger inadvertent consequences or provide opportunities and additional benefits. A key aspect for the next decade is our expansion to the Fudan Tyndall Centre in Shanghai, which both brings aboard new expertise and culture, and engages policymakers in China’s world-influencing and rapidly expanding economy. We go far beyond the capacity of any individual University in the world. We are successfully transitioning from a core-funded to a competitively-funded institute and to do this we recognise our unique qualities as a world-class network that stimulates ideas and nurtures knowledge, expertise and engagement.
Download the Research Strategy here [PDF 1.25 MB]

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5 years 40 weeks ago