88% of UK public support evidence of climate change, highest since 2005, influenced by flooding

The British public's support for climate change rose signficantly last year and is at the highest level since 2005, following a 2013/14 winter of storms, shows opinion polling by researchers at the Understanding Risk Group at the University of Cardiff and the Tyndall Centre.
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Capstick, S.B., Demski, C.C., Sposato, R.G., Pidgeon, N.F., Spence, A. and Corner, A. (2015). Public perceptions of climate change in Britain following the winter 2013/2014 flooding. Understanding Risk Research Group Working Paper 15-01, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.
The Tyndall Centre at Cardiff University is a partner in the Climate Change Consortium of Wales 3CW. The Understanding Risk Group is in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University.

3 years 24 weeks ago