Call for Abstracts for a fully funded workshop: Novel Approaches to Climate Governance and the Role of Entrepreneurship

18-19 May 2015, Amsterdam

Predictions of climate change paint an alarming picture and addressing these risks will require radical policies to cut emissions, prepare for and increase resilience to the effects of climate change.

We invite abstracts for a workshop that will bring together 20-25 scholars under the flag of the EU-funded Action INOGOV (Innovations in Climate Governance) to discuss the role of entrepreneurship in bringing about radical transitions in climate governance. The aim is to publish the workshop papers, subject to normal review process, as a special volume in a scientific journal/or edited book.

We welcome theoretical, methodological, and empirical papers or combinations thereof; that discuss and examine entrepreneurship and climate mitigation and/or adaptation. The workshop is open to a broad variety of issues, including the following themes:

  • Do we see systematic difference between entrepreneurship across various climate policy areas, various national political systems, or groups of entrepreneurs (e.g. civil servants, business, politicians and NGOs)?
  • Which entrepreneurial techniques and strategies are the most common and the most effective, i.e. creation of issue networks, framing, persuasion, normative naming and shaming or issue-linkages?
  • What is the relative importance of entrepreneurship versus broader social forces, such as organizational and economic structures, cultural and institutional features?
  • To what extent and how do entrepreneurs engage to translate and bring international impulses, whether from the EU, the global climate talks (UNFCCC) or other countries, into national policy development processes?


INOGOV will cover reasonable travel costs and accommodation of all invited authors, subject to standard COST reimbursement and eligibility rules.

Interested participants/authors are encouraged to submit 500 word abstracts by February 28, 2015, as a first step towards full paper development.

Please send your abstract to the Network Manager of INOGOV Johanna Forster at

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