Prof Robert Nicholls and colleagues call for IPCC sea-level scenarios that are useful for coastal managers

The IPCC has recently updated its scenarios of Global Mean Sea-Level rise with the release of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).

"For coastal managers, these scenarios are the most authoritative source of information about future global sea levels, and the coastal chapter of the second Working Group of AR5 (WGII) shows that these scenarios are indeed used widely around the world to assess coastal risk and adaptation. But for the management of high-risk coastal areas, these scenarios are not the right tools to use, at least not when used exclusively. This should not come as a surprise because the IPCC scenarios are designed from the perspective of the first Working Group of the IPCC (WGI), which aims to understand and reduce uncertainty, a viewpoint that is quite different from the one of coastal management, which aims to reduce risks."

Jochen Hinkel, Carlo Jaeger, Robert J. Nicholls, Jason Lowe, Ortwin Renn and Shi Peijun (2015) Sea-level rise scenarios and coastal risk management NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE | VOL 5 | MARCH 2015 |

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3 years 15 weeks ago