"Travel responsibly": Tyndall Travel Tracker in Nature Climate Change

An article on the Tyndall Centre's Travel Tracker and travel strategy working paper has been published in Nature Climate Change.

Article in Nature Climate Change

The Tyndall Centre Travel Tracker is part of the Travel Strategy discussed in a Tyndall Centre working paper, Towards a culture of low carbon research for the 21st Century.

The Travel Tracker App is intended to support the necessary transformation towards a professional low-carbon culture of work travel in climate change research. Echoing commentary from the Tyndall Centre, the article notes that "simply tracking emissions is not enough, and while encouraging individuals to reduce their emissions is important, it will be difficult to see widespread action if there is not a shift in the way that the research community interacts and meets". The article also highlights Tyndall Centre Director Corinne Le Quéré's call for a greater role of digital communications in academia as an alternative to international travel, stating that "acceptance of nontraditional methods of participation is needed for a low-carbon research community to thrive".

The Tyndall Travel Tracker is presently being tested by members of the Tyndall Centre, before being opened up to a wider academic audience.

Emran Kassim/flickr
3 years 4 weeks ago