Latest Events and Conferences

The Tyndall Centre holds and contributes to regular events and presentations on climate change issues throughout the country. Through these events we seek to engage with other researchers, key stakeholders such as business leaders, policy advisors, NGOs, agencies and the media as well as the public in general. We also use the events as opportunities to share our research results, promote discussion and raise awareness of climate change issues and potential solutions.

Event Date
Fragmentation of international climate politics: A key challenge for post-2012 climate governance

» Speaker: Fari Zelli.
ENV & Tyndall Centre, UEA
» Contact: Lorraine Whitmarsh for more information.

Reframing Climate Change: from long-term targets to emission pathways

Director's Inaugural Seminar, followed by wine reception.

Household energy conservation:Examining the effectiveness of a tailor-made approach

» Speaker: Dr. Wokje Abrahamse.
Dr. Wokje Abrahamse.Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey
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» Contact: Lorraine Whitmarsh for more information.

Development Futures in the Context of Climate Change: challenges to paradigms from past evidence

» Speaker: Dr. Natasha Grist & Dr. Nick Brooks.
Dr. Natasha Grist & Dr. Nick Brooks. Overseas Development Institute & Tyndall Centre, UEA
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» Contact: Lorraine Whitmarsh for more information.

Running Dry: When the Australian drought hits town

» Speaker: Dr. Philippa England. Law School, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

Entrepreneurship for a Zero Carbon Society

'Entrepreneurship for a Zero Carbon Society' is designed to bring together cutting-edge energy research and innovative businesses to move the highly multidisciplinary clean energy innovation community forward on the scale required for a carbon free future. Relevant fields also include environmental tax reform and commercialization of low-carbon technologies. Pioneering technologies will be showcased by industrial participants as well as the latest student research in these areas.

Climate Change and Development

The purpose of this interactive short course is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of what climate change may mean for low-income populations and what the scope and prospects are for adapting to change in a development context.

Evaluating global environmental and resource scarcities together with climate change

In his talk, Takanobu Kosugi will first evaluate environmental side-effects of carbon-abating energy technologies, thus highlighting the links between several resource and environmental problems and climate change. A screening of several carbon reduction technologies based on life-cycle impact assessments shows that concern about the effects of fuel cell vehicle and bio-ethanol production is warranted because of platinum extraction for the former, phosphorus consumption and land use for the latter.

Climate Adaptation Down Under: Science for Decision-Making

Australia has recently undergone a science and policy renaissance with respect to climate change adaptation. This has included new research funding, new institutional arrangements, and a heightened demand among vulnerable stakeholders for climate information and guidance on appropriate responses. The CSIRO's Climate Adaptation Flagship (CAF) research initiative is characteristic of this rapid expansion of adaptation efforts.

DSA Policy Forum: International Development in the Face of Climate Change: Beyond Mainstreaming?

This policy-focussed forum promotes discussion between policy-makers and researchers to generate new thinking about how international development could be fundamentally re-oriented and restructured. Participants will include UK government advisers and programme managers and climate change experts from international agencies, NGOs and academia. The organizers are the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich, and SouthSouthNorth