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The Tyndall Centre holds and contributes to regular events and presentations on climate change issues throughout the country. Through these events we seek to engage with other researchers, key stakeholders such as business leaders, policy advisors, NGOs, agencies and the media as well as the public in general. We also use the events as opportunities to share our research results, promote discussion and raise awareness of climate change issues and potential solutions.

Event Date
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation: An Unifying Mechanism and Cost Estimates
London's Adaptation Progress and Retrofitting Homes for Adaptation Research

» Speaker: Andrew Tucker.
Andrew Tucker London Partnership Climate Change Manager ? Greater London Authority

Rearranging the Deckchairs on Earthship Titanic: Is Sustainability a Myth?

» Speaker: Dr. Lilian Alessa.
Dr. Lilian Alessa. The Resilience and Adaptive Management Group, University of Alaska

From climate data to adaptation decisions: using probabilistic climate information in operational policy-support models

» Speaker: Dr. Mark New.
Dr. Mark New Oxford University Centre for Environment
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Ecosystem Services & Human Well-being

The programme involves a set of plenary papers by distinguished speakers giving interdisciplinary perspectives in the morning, and working groups in the afternoon to examine methods, emerging research themes and ideas. These are targeted especially at early career researchers who we will invite to present posters on their research. The objective is to facilitate discussion, co-learning and to identify topics for further analysis at the interdisciplinary frontier of research.

Energy history and energy futures: efficiency and growth in the UK, 1550-2050
The development of a Municipal Climate Protection Programme in Durban, South Africa: bringing a local perspective to the global debate

Dr. Debra Roberts Environmental Management Department, eThekwini Municipality (Durban, South Africa) Rob Hounsome, Golders Associates, will also be available to discuss the Durban Climate Change Impacts study.

A Climate of Conflict

Tyndall Southampton is hosting a series of guest speakers the next of which is 'A Climate of Conflict' being given by Dan Smith (International Alert) on 26th February 2008. The scope of the talk and details of Dan's work with International Alert can be found in the attached invitation. Light refreshments will be available before the talk.

Public perceptions of climate change and energy policy
Living with climate change: are there limits to adaptation?

Living with climate change: are there limits to adaptation?

 7 & 8 February 2008, Royal Geographical Society, London

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