Amidst insufficient mitigation efforts deliberate large-scale interventions in the Earth’s climate system, known collectively as ‘geoengineering’, have been proposed in order to moderate anthropogenic climate change. Geoengineering proposals can be broadly classified amongst Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) variants.

SRM proposals seek to reflect a proportion of sunlight away from the Earth, whilst CDR proposals seek to remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A diversity of proposals exists within each of these categories and each presents a unique set of technical and social challenges that span the natural, applied and social sciences.



Our Research:

Robert Bellamy, University of East Anglia:

"My research explores the appraisal of climate geoengineering proposals using an innovative and participatory multi-criteria option appraisal process called Deliberative Mapping. The project brings together a small but diverse group of experts, stakeholders and members of the public to engage in appraisal of geoengineering proposals alongside mitigation options and adaptation in order to provide a 360° snapshot of contemporary climate change decision making".

Kate Porter, University of East Anglia:

"My PhD project explores the underlying ecological worldviews – signalled by ontological, epistemological and axiological assumptions – that people drawn on when engaging with the idea of climate control and when reaching normative conclusions about its desirability and feasibility. Using discourse analysis, I am exploring this through two case studies: 1) the metaphorical ‘Geoclique’ and 2) residents of Haida Gwaii and employees of the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation. Both case studies are sights of visible controversy about the desirability of geoengineering interventions, which will enable me to disentangle diverse reactions to geoengineering while ‘opening up’ (Stirling, 2005) the debate to diverse ontological perspectives".


Recent publications:

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