Not 4 Experts seminars

The Not for Experts (N4E) web-seminars are organised by Tyndall Early Career Network with an aim to broaden the interdisciplinary understanding of climate change across the Tyndall network. These webinars cover a range of key issues relevant to climate change from the physical science of climate change to impacts and adaptation all presented in an accessible, jargon-free format suitable for non-experts. We aim to represent each of Tyndall’s core research areas (Cities & Coasts, Energy & Emissions, Governance & Behaviour and Water & Land) as well as current events related to climate change. We invite researchers at all levels to present, so please get in touch if you have a recommendation, or if you would like to present in the future.
The seminars are generally held on the last Wednesday of the month from 1300 – 1400 hours.
The current timetable is being curated by Dan Thorman and Joshua Lord, PhD researchers and TECN representatives from Cardiff University. Please contact us at /

Scheduled Seminars


  • November: 30/11/16 – Andrew Kythreotis – Adaptation or Resilience (topic to be confirmed)
  • January: 25/01/17 – Karen Parkhill & Catherine Butler - Welfare, Employment and Energy Demand
  • February: 22/02/17 – Marisa Goulden - Facilitation of stakeholder and public engagement in climate change research and response
  • March: 29/03/17 – Alice Larkin - Stepping up to food-water-energy Nexus challenges
  • April: 27/04/17 – Katie Jenkins - topic to be confirmed
  • May: 31/05/17 – Mark Tebboth - Migration and environmental change