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University of Manchester
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School of Mechanical Civil and Aerospace Engineering, Tyndall Manchester, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

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Professor of Climate Science and Energy Policy
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Alice has been part of the Tyndall Centre since 2003 when she started researching the conflicts between aviation and climate policy in the UK. Following this she was part of the team in Manchester that developed their energy system scenario tool ASK, using it to build their first low-carbon energy scenarios in 2005. Alice's research has also focused on the broader climate change context, and alongside Kevin Anderson, developed global emission pathways commensurate with the 2C target. She is now a Reader in Energy & Climate Change in Manchester and continues to play an active role in Tyndall. She is theme leader within a new EPSRC project 'Shipping in Changing Climates' collaborating with a number of other UK Universities as well as Tyndall Southampton. In addition, she continues to play an active role in communicating her research to broader stakeholder groups through policy inquiries and actively pursuing engagement opportunities throughout the development and delivery of her research.

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Alice is a Reader in Energy and Climate Change as part of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and based within the School of Mechanical, Civil and Aerospace Engineering (MACE), University of Manchester. Alice trained as an astrophysicist at the University of Leeds, did her PhD in climate modelling at Imperial College, joining the interdisciplinary Tyndall Centre to research conflicts between climate change and aviation. Alice is now a Reader, active in both research and teaching, with broad research interests revolving around energy systems and the transition to a low carbon economy. In addition to a focus on emission budgets for decarbonistaion, Alice’s core research at present is on international transportation, specifically shipping, leading a theme on demand-side change in a new EPSRC Energy Programme funded project ‘Shipping in Changing Climates’. She also has interests at the energy, food and water nexus, leading a new network food@manchester across the University as well as a research theme on Managing Infrastructural Change within MACE. In addition to conventional academic inquiry, Alice makes an explicit connection between her academic research and the broader policy context, and as a result, her work on international transport, energy systems and carbon budgets has had a significant impact on topical debates and policy development, including shaping the UK’s Climate Change Act. 

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