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University of Manchester
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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research University of Manchester Pariser Building Sackville Street MANCHESTER M13 9PL

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Carly is currently working research projects related to waste in supply chains and community energy. She teaches on a variety of topics including: carbon management, waste manageent and research methods.

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Carly McLachlan is a Researcher at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Manchester, her research interests focus on how stakeholders, including publics, engage with energy and sustainability issues. Her previous research projects, completed as part of Tyndall’s interdisciplinary team, have covered a range of topics including: stakeholder engagement with integrated climate change models, stakeholder assessments of carbon capture and storage, mitigation and adaptation scenarios for food supply chains and an assessment UK tidal energy policy. Her PhD research centred on two detailed case studies of renewable energy developments and considered: the competing symbolic interpretations made of the developments and the ‘place’ in which they were situated, the interaction of lay and expert knowledge and the impact of the process of consultation on attitudes to the developments. In these research areas she has utilised a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques including; focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviewing, scenario development, GIS, cognitive mapping and multi-criteria assessment. Whilst seeking to integrate interdisciplinary insights, Carly’s Science and Technology Studies perspective frames her consideration of the meanings associated with different energy related behaviours and attitudes.


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