Adapting small-scale CDM sinks projects to low-income communities

TitleAdapting small-scale CDM sinks projects to low-income communities
Publication TypeTyndall Working Paper
SeriesTyndall Working Papers
Tyndall Consortium Institution


Research Programme

Cities and Coasts

Secondary TitleTyndall Working Paper 71
AuthorsBoyd, E., M. Gutierrez, and M. Chang
Year of Publication2005

Given the recent decision to include small-scale sinks projects implemented by low-income communities in the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol, this paper explores some of the basic conditions that such projects will have to meet if they are to be successfully put in practice. Drawing on the literature on livelihoods and democratic decentralization in forestry, the paper explores how to adapt forest carbon projects to the realities encountered in the local context, and highlights the importance of capitalizing on synergies with other rural development strategies, ensuring stakeholder participation by working with accountable, representative local organizations, and creating flexible and adaptive project designs.

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