A Dynamic Typology of Stakeholder Engagement within Climate Change Research

TitleA Dynamic Typology of Stakeholder Engagement within Climate Change Research
Publication TypeTyndall Working Paper
SeriesTyndall Centre Working Papers
Tyndall Consortium Institution


Secondary TitleTyndall Centre Working Paper 128
KeywordsClimate Change Research, Dynamic Typology, Stakeholder Engagement
AuthorsCarney, S., L. Whitmarsh, S. A. Nicholson-Cole, and S. Shackley
Year of Publication2009

This paper offers a descriptive overview of Stakeholder Engagement (ShE) within climate change research at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Its aims are twofold: firstly, to offer insights into methodologies, practice and outputs for researchers embarking on ShE in the course of their work; secondly, to help researchers gain a greater understanding of the value of ShE in climate change research, both in terms of the ways in which it influences their research and how it can be used to maximise mutual learning and knowledge exchange between researchers and their stakeholder community. This paper reports on a 2007 review of ShE activities conducted amongst the community of research staff within the Tyndall Centre. The three key findings are that ShE is widespread but often ad hoc and unplanned; that ShE may be a significant component throughout an entire research process – in its design, process and outputs, or at various stages; and that researchers have a wide range of experience in terms of the balance of control and stakeholder involvement and influence on their research. The paper identifies a range of ways in which ShE can be categorised according to a new typology, which relates to different types of involvement. It also discusses ways in which value can be added to interdisciplinary research at the science: policy interface by carefully considering the nature and role of ShE in the process. This typology is intended for use by both academics and practitioners.

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