Global Carbon Project UK Office

The Global Carbon Project's UK office is located in the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia. The new office will support the annual publication of the project’s Global Carbon Budget, which quantifies global CO2 emissions for the previous year and shows how they are divided between the atmosphere, land, and ocean. The UK GCP Office aims to pave the way for a new International Carbon Office to compile, analyse, report and archive global CO2 statistics, identify and monitor CO2 sinks, and reduce uncertainty levels in this important area of climate science.

The UK office is coordinated by Roisin Moriarty and Corinne Le Quere. It is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) and both the GEOCarbon and Carbochange projects of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. Read more about:
The Tyndall Centre
The GEOCarbon project

The Global Carbon Project (GCP) provides objective scientific data to policy-makers and the public on the latest trends in CO2 emissions and sinks. Its main coordinating offices are in Australia and Japan, and it has activities and national offices in France, the US, China and South Korea. More than 50 scientists around the world contribute their expertise to the project.

Recent GCP publications in leading scientific journals have provided:

  • Annual quantification of global emissions since 1959
  • Comparison of actual emission trends with IPCC scenarios
  • Emissions drivers and links with economic activity, in particular the global financial crises
  • Differentiation of emissions between industrialised and developing countries
  • Shifting trends of production and consumption linked to international trade
  • Apportioning of emissions between the atmosphere, land and ocean, and highlighting the recent increase in the airborne fraction of CO2.

In order to improve the uniformity and accuracy needed for compliance with international greenhouse gas reporting requiremetns, the  GCP is in part focused on reconciling regional bottom-up estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and their fate in the Earth's carbon cycle, with global estimates. This effort is being advanced by the REgional Carbon Assessment Processes -RECCAP Programme. 

The GCP is a project of the Earth System Science Partnership - which comprises the World Climate Research Programme, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, the International Human Dimensions Programme, and Diversitas.