Sustainability Omni Labelling – A mean to support more Sustainable Consumption? (Sep 2008 - Aug 2012)

The main aim of this PhD project is to investigate the prospects for the implementation of a sustainability ‘omni label’ to support ‘more’ sustainable consumption.

During the first part of the study case studies of existing product information schemes (EU ecolabel, EU energy label, MSC label and Fair Trade label) are used to explore how product information schemes try to shape the production and consumption system and identify processes, factors and especially actors that influence their effective institutionalisation.

In a second step the prospects for a successful institutionalisation of a sustainability ‘omni label’ and its potential affective powers on the production and consumption system are studied through qualitative interviews with actors identified as being essential for an institutionalisation in the first part of the study. 

Supervisors: Dr. Paul Dewick and Prof. Kevin Anderson

Duration: September 2008 -  August 2012

Funder: PhD project funded by the Sustainable Consumption Institute

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