Thermal management of industrial processes: task 7: environmental and socio-economic issues

This project uses whole systems analysis techniques to investigate new technologies to exploit the large amount of unused low grade heat available from UK process industries.  

The wider project involves mapping of potentially available heat and consumers, development of technologies such as industrial condensing boilers, evaluation of district heating potential and detailed process modelling. Tyndall Manchester leads the task on environmental and socio-economic issues, which aims to quantify the greenhouse gas and other benefits of different process efficiency options and analyze barriers to their implementation.   This involves stakeholder engagement and workshops, focus groups with heat users and detailed life cycle assessment of different process efficiency options. 

Duration: 2009 -2011

Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

District heating focus group headline results464.09 KB
District heating opinion survey headline results810.26 KB
District heating public opinion survey: MSc thesis1.65 MB
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