The Community Integrated Assessment System (CIAS)

CIAS is a modular, flexible and multi-institutional integrated assessment system designed for outreach to national and international climate change stakeholders.

CIAS describes the global economic system, greenhouse gas emissions, the earth system and its climate, the potential impacts of climate change upon human and natural systems, and risks such as distributions of species. It is globally unique over existing integrated modelling in allowing component modules to share data and be coupled together to function as unique integrated models.

The CIAS modules currently consist:

Climate Module MAGICC6 from UEA and PIK

Downscaling Module ClimGen from UEA

Drought analysis processor from UEA

Hydrological model MACPDM from Reading University

Biodiversity from the MaxENT model of James Cook University and the Neural Network model of the Universities of Kent and Oxford

CLIMASCOPE to make regional results available to users around the globe via the internet

Project leader: Dr Rachel Warren (UEA)

Key reference: Warren, R., Bane, M., Barker, T., et al. Development of the Community Integrated Assesssment System (CIAS), a multi-institutional modular integrated assessment approach for modelling climate change, and of SoftIAM, its supporting software. Environmental Modelling & Software 23 (2008) 592-610

Winner of Environmental Modeling & Software Best Paper AwardThe Community Integrated Assessment System


The Community Integrated Assessment System (CIAS)