Fudan Flagship Project: The Societal Role of High Emission Groups

We are comparing emission profiles within China and Europe for developing low-carbon technologies and policies that are tailored to target high emitting groups in society.

Policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change have been universal; aimed either at society as a whole, or at specific sectors. Evidence within the UK suggests greenhouse gas emissions are highly correlated with profession, location of home, income and wealth, and educational background.

We will undertake a detailed analysis and comparison of emission profiles within China, the UK and Sweden. We will use comparisons between countries to provide guidance on developing low-carbon technologies and policies specifically tailored to the high emission groups within each case-study nation or region. We will identify the conditions that ensure technological and behavioural measures successfully reduce emissions in high emitting groups.

Planned Research:

  • Determine the socio-economic profile of emitters in European Countries and China
  • Assess the behaviour of high emission groups and technologies to facilitate transition
  • Explore the early adopter implications of high emitters for low carbon technologies
  • Synthesise to provide clear guidance for developing tailored low-carbon policies


Project leaders: Professor Kevin Anderson (Manchester) and Professor Zhen Zhang (Fudan)

Low Carbon Economy
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