Deep emissions reductions and the mainstreaming of mitigation and adaptation – ‘RESPONSES’

EU climate policy is now focused on accelerating mitigation efforts, while simultaneously reducing risks associated with climate change impacts. To achieve these goals, climate action needs to be ‘mainstreamed’ across all EU policy sectors. The RESPONSES - European Responses to Climate Change: Deep Emissions Reductions and Mainstreaming of Mitigation and Adaptation - project addresses these challenges by developing new global low emissions scenarios, placing EU efforts in a global context; building an approach for assessing EU policies against mitigation and adaptation objectives and for developing alternative policy options; applying this framework in five key policy sectors (water and agriculture, biodiversity, regional development/ infrastructure, health and energy); and synthesizing the results to propose improved options for EU strategies and measures. The RESPONSES consortium brings together seven leading European research institutes working on climate change scenarios, modelling, analysis and policy.

Dr Tim Rayner, Professor Andrew Jordan and Dr Irene Lorenzoni have a leading role in synthesising the emerging findings and developing improved guidance on the appraisal of climate policy.

Funding: European Commission FP7

Duration: January 2010 - December 2012