Our PhD Research

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the work being carried out at the Tyndall Centre, PhD researchers are conducting a wide range of research projects ranging from the effect climate change will have on human health to the impacts of biofuels on the social-ecological resilience of food systems to the role of behavioural change in reducing GHG emissions.

 Benefiting from being part of an internationally recognised organisation, PhD research is pushed to the forefront of climate change research allowing for engagement not just with academics but with policymakers, industry and the public.  The non-hierarchal structure that the centre advocates allows for ideas to be discussed and advice to be asked for across a range of research levels, encouraging communication and collaboration across a broad network of academics, disciplines and institutions.  

Doing a PhD can be a fairly isolating experience; being part of the Tyndall community helps to place your research within the wider context within broader research themes.  An active programme of meetings, both in and across institutions, means that relationships across a range of research levels are facilitated, both formally and informally.  Both expected and not expected problems arise when conducting research, within Tyndall there is a broad range of people to draw support from whether it is with methods, research design or practical advice. Looking forward beyond the PhD, remaining part of the Tyndall network is an invaluable resource.

This part of the Tyndall website allows for an insight into what it is like being a PhD researcher at the Tyndall Centre, providing information on the type of research that is being carried out as well as news, events and useful links.

Applying for PhDs with the Tyndall Centre

Tyndall Professors and Faculty are always interested to hear from high quality PhD applicants with research proposals and secured funding. Alternatively, contact the partner University and School where you are interested in applying for PhD vacancies. For example, this is the application page for postgraduate research at the UEA's School of Environmental Sciences